5 Things You Should Do Before Dropping Off Your Dry Cleaning

Professional dry cleaning is the only way to care for certain articles of clothing, so it’s a service that most of us will use at some point in our lives – but not everybody is aware of how to get the most out of it. For optimal results, be sure to do the following before dropping off your garments:

1) Read The Label

It’s important to review the labels on your clothing. This is where you’ll find any special care requirements that the manufacturer may have suggested. You’ll probably want to confirm that the garments are indeed “dry clean only”, because some items may be cheaper to wash yourself. When in doubt, though, feel free to bring them in – dry cleaning is always safer than machine washing!

2) Note Any Stains

If you are aware of any stains on the garment, do bring them to the notice of your local dry cleaners. Many stains and blemishes will require specialized attention to fully remove, so it’s important to be sure that the staff is aware. If you know the source of the stain, be sure to mention that as well – it’ll make the cleaning process easier and give you the best results. 

3) Check For Existing Damages

Take a few minutes to fully examine the condition of your clothes or textiles. What you’re looking for is any small issues, such as missing buttons, broken zippers, and loose threads. It’s important to let the dry cleaners know about these upfront, so that they can make a note and make any special arrangements necessary (including making repairs or cleaning your garments separately).

4) Protect Your Garments During Transportation

Don’t leave your delicate clothes sitting inside your car in direct light. If you have any errands to run before you get to the dry cleaners, it’s best to put clothing in protective bags, behind window screens, or in the trunk. Depending on the materials used, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the garments’ fibers to weaken, and the colors to fade. For best results, try to make the dry cleaners one of your first stops after leaving home.

5) Empty Your Pockets!

Dry Cleaning PrepSometimes we’re in such a rush, we forget to remove our wallet or smartphone from that coat pocket or from our pants. It happens to the best of us! Be sure to check what you’re carrying before dropping off your garments.

Remember, too, that items like coins, pens, paperclips, and keys can actually damage clothing during the dry cleaning process. And because your garments will often be cleaned alongside those of other customers, forgetting to empty your pockets puts their valuable clothes at risk as well. So do the kind thing, and remember to search everything carefully before leaving!


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