If you have ever read the labels on your linens, you may have noticed dry cleaning as the suggested cleaning method. While it may seem tempting to attempt cleaning linens on your own, it really is a wise idea to follow label suggestions and have them professionally dry cleaned. Attempting to wash them at home allows too much room for errors such as colors bleeding, fabrics shrinking, or textures altering. We know how to keep your linens clean and crisp.

Here are just a few reasons why you should bring your linens to Classic Touch Cleaners.


It is uncommon for the average person to possess the in depth knowledge of fabrics that a dry cleaning professional has. We have a thorough understanding of how to match treatments to fabrics that will keep your items looking fresh and new.


We have high quality products and machines that we use to clean fabrics, linens and other large items.Our machines eliminate odors and treat stains with an efficiency that is impossible to match at home.


Time is very valuable, especially in today’s fast paced lifestyle. It is well worth your time to utilize dry cleaning services, and to spend your free time as you see fit, rather than laboring over a chore that may have mixed results when completed at home.


If you put off cleaning your linens, you set yourself up for possible insect or dust issues in the home. Protect the health of your family members by keeping linens clean.

Cleaning linens can be as simple as dropping them off at Classic Touch Cleaners. After evaluating factors such as time, health, convenience, and technological advances, there really is no better alternative than allowing the us to do what we do best!