Atlanta Linen Service

If you’ve ever been to a hotel, restaurant or conference center, the benefits of commercial linen service are apparent. Imagine the volume of linens these facilities use on a constant basis and the energy and money it requires to keep them looking their best. On top of being an enormous time saver, here are some additional benefits of Classic Touch Cleaners’ commercial linen service.

  • Convenience is the biggest advantage of a linen service, especially if you’re in the service industry. Have your commercial dry cleaner pick up your soiled linens, professionally clean them, press them and return them conveniently to your place of business.
  • Save money. You don’t have to invest in the advanced equipment, training of personnel and wages required to clean your linens in-house. Commercial linen services allow you to budget this business expense with ease.
  • Professional dry cleaners can provide a higher quality product because of their experience and equipment. If you want to ensure your linens are cared for properly, a commercial linen service is for you.
  • Sanitation. Especially in hotels, restaurants and healthcare facilities, linens must be extremely clean. The advanced knowledge and tools possessed by a commercial linen service provider can guarantee a higher standard of cleanliness.
  • Image and appearance. You want your hotel or conference center to appear professional, upscale and well put together. Having one company professionally clean your linens, as well as press and starch them uniformly, improves your overall image.

The benefits of commercial linen service are numerous and apparent to businesses that use a high volume of linens, like hotels and restaurants. If you find your linens not looking their best or you’re spending too much time and money doing the laundry, hire a professional, commercial linen service to do the job right.

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