The Best Dry Cleaners In Buckhead Georgia

When it comes to choosing the right dry cleaners, it pays to hold out. After all, not every place treats clothing (or customers) with the same care and respect. You know how valuable your delicate garments are. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Here are just a few of the reasons Buckhead residents pick Classic Touch Cleaners time and time again for their dry cleaning needs:

Buckhead Dry Cleaning1) Wash & Fold

Not every piece of clothing is “dry-clean only”, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take them all! Drop off your laundry here and forget the rest: we’re happy to separate, wash, dry, and fold so that you don’t have to. Save the countless hours you’d normally spend doing laundry, and spend that time on family, friends, reading, or whatever else you want.

2) Leather & Suede Repair

Anyone who owns a nice leather jacket or suede coat knows how tough it can be to keep this material in tip-top shape. Rips, tears, and breaks… stains from mud, grass, and wine… no matter what your problem, we’ve seen it and fixed it. When you need the best leather repair in Atlanta, Classic Touch Cleaners has got your back.

3) Wedding Dress Restoration & Preservation

For most women, their wedding dress is the most expensive, elaborate, and sentimental piece of clothing they’ll ever own. So when it comes to cleaning and long-term storage, there’s really no room to cut corners. Classic Touch Cleaners has the tools and experience to remove all traces of dirt and oils from your gown – even the stuff that you can’t readily see with the naked eye. And when the time comes to store your dress for the future (perhaps even for your daughter or granddaughter!) , we can help maintain its original luster and beauty.

4) Commercial Services

Of course, it’s not only households that need dry cleaning services. If you’re with a hotel, restaurant, catering company, spa, or any other business with plenty of valuable garments and linens, trust in the care of Classic Touch Cleaners. Our services can be specialized to meet your unique needs, so reach out today to see how we can help.

Proudly serving Atlanta residents since 1989, Classic Touch Cleaners is Buckhead’s premier dry cleaning provider. Give us a call today at (404) 365-8660, or send a message via our online contact form.