Clothing Alterations

There are many alterations to clothing that can perform at Classic Touch Cleaners. These professional alterations will have clothes fitting perfectly, whether they are freshly bought or years old.

Here are some of the most common alterations that can be made at Classic Touch Cleaners.

  • Hem pants, jeans, skirts & dresses
  • Re-sizing garments
  • Patch tears and holes
  • Sew and repair patches


Many pants, especially suit pants, need to be hemmed to fit properly. This means that the bottom edges are brought to the correct height, and then finished. We can finish with or without a cuff. The customer can choose how they want the pants to break, from a full break covering most of their shoe laces to no break, in which the pants stop at the top of the shoes.


Another common alteration is adjusting the sleeves. Sleeves may be too long on a jacket, shirt, or blouse, and we can shorten them. Having the sleeves at the perfect height will make any outfit look better.

Waist Adjustments

There are two main types of waist adjustments. In men’s suits, we can suppress the waist of the jacket, which brings the jacket in a little at the waist. This makes the jacket look less boxy and more stylish. We can also adjust the waist on pants, taking in some of the fabric if they are too big or letting them out if they are too tight, provided there is enough fabric to do so.


There are also a couple of garment maintenance things we can do that will keep garments new for years. The most common would be replacing a button. A professional job will ensure the button stays tight from then on. We can also replace a zipper. Zippers get worked out over time and can slip down but we can sew in a new one for a fraction of the cost of a new garment.

The dry cleaner is the best place to get clothes altered. We have reasonable prices, lots of experience and can give clothes the perfect tailored look that will really stand out from the off the rack crowd.

Call Classic Touch Cleaners today to see if we can help your clothing look its best!