How Do I Know if Something is Dry Clean Only?

Clothing preservation is largely dependent on picking the right cleaning method – so how can you know if an item requires dry cleaning? The answer isn’t always as direct as you might think:

Check the Label

Cryptic_clothing_labelGarment labels are the most straightforward way to tell if an item should be dry cleaned, but they’re not always completely clear. Check specifically for the word “only” – if the label simply says “dry clean”, then dry cleaning may be the preferred method but not necessarily the only option. Clothing manufacturers may over-suggest dry cleaning due to a desire to avoid complaints about damaged items.

Know the Material

If the label is missing or simply doesn’t specify a cleaning method – or if you are curious how difficult it would be to clean an item on your own – it’s important to consider the fabric or other material that constitutes the garment. Delicates like silk, satin, wool, and velvet can easily be damaged by the high temperatures and mechanical agitation of a conventional washing machine, and should almost always be brought to a dry cleaner (wool can often be hand-washed at home, if you’d prefer). Cotton, nylon, linen, and polyester, on the other hand, can typically be washed by machine. That said, there are a number of exceptions to these rules, which is why it’s important to:

Note Accessories and Trim

Regardless of the primary material making up the garment, there are a number of items you’ll just about always want to bring to a cleaner. These include:

• Suits/dresses

• Anything with a lining

• Garments with embroidery/lacework

• Items with beads, sequins, and other glued accessories

Don’t risk it with delicates: machines can place considerable stress on dainty items. Leave the job to a dry cleaning professional.

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