Can I Dry Clean My Wedding Dress?

For many women, their wedding gown is one of the most expensive articles of clothing they’ll likely purchase in their lifetime. Perhaps you’ve already stashed yours away for another day, or perhaps you wonder if there might be a better destination than the rack in your closet.

wedding gownTaking the time to preserve your wedding dress, with the assistance of professional dry cleaners, is worth the effort many times over. After all, your own daughter may wish to wear it one day.

Is Dry Cleaning Safe?

The advantages of dry cleaning items of clothing, rather than tossing them in the home washing machine, are twofold. Dry cleaning (which is not strictly “dry”, but rather uses petroleum solvents rather than soap and water) simply dissolves away dirt and grease rather than beating it out with heavy agitation. Furthermore, the temperatures involved are much more mild than immersion in hot water would bring. In fact, the process can even reinvigorate certain materials, refreshing their original sheen.

There’s a reason why so many delicate items – from dresses and suits to sweaters and leather – are marked “dry clean only”. The risk of damaging fabric and tearing off dainty attachments is essentially nullified.

What If My Dress Has Specific Requirements?

There’s plenty of variation between different wedding gowns. They may be constructed of wildly different base materials, and some will feature delicate fabric accents and/or ornate beadwork.

It’s true that the material from which your dress is crafted – be it satin or taffeta; chiffon or lace; or any other material – will determine the exact method necessary to provide a perfect and safe clean. Fortunately, a professional dry cleaning service like Classic Touch Cleaners will be knowledgeable and capable of retaining and restoring the original beauty of your wedding gown.

Don’t forget, too, that most dry cleaners are also skilled in clothing repair and alterations. They’ll be capable of mending tears, adjusting seams, and re-attaching accessories, making this your one-stop shop for preservation of your most important garments.

For world-class dry cleaning service in the Atlanta area, contact Classic Touch Cleaners today.