Common Misconceptions About Starch

There are a number of fallacies regarding laundry starch that have worked their way into the public mindset. These myths can give a bad name to a product that’s actually very helpful, and is utilized by just about every dry cleaner out there. Take a look at some common misconceptions about starch below:

1) Laundry starch is nothing more than a bunch of chemicals

While it is true that a certain amount of processing goes on in order to make laundry starch is, in its purest form, the very same starch that you’ll find in “starchy” vegetables, like corn and potatoes. Mixed with warm water, it makes a thick, non-toxic paste that is very useful in keeping the shape and firmness of clothing. Modern starch is often sold in spray bottles and aerosol cans.

2) Starch makes you itch

A lot of people have a tendency to think that starch causes itching. This is one of those myths that’s based in just a hint of truth, but has been taken out of context for years and years. Rarely, people may be especially sensitive to starch or any other (small quantities of) included ingredients and can suffer an allergic reaction leading to itching and discomfort, but most folks will never experience such a problem. If you do find that starch is causing itchy sensations, consider trying a different brand before abstaining completely.

3) Starch makes everything too stiffShirt with tie

Though a major goal of starch use is to make clothing somewhat stiffer (after all, this is how we get it to keep its shape), it shouldn’t be so rigid and unyielding that it becomes uncomfortable. Some folks may have had poor experiences with overuse of starch in the past, and unfortunately may even decide that it’s not a product for them – despite its benefits when used properly. Which leads us to our final misconception…

4) More starch is always better

If a little starch is a good thing, a lot of starch should be even better, right? This is the sort of thinking that can lead to misconceptions about starch making clothing too firm. A good dry cleaner should be knowledgeable about the quantity to use for optimal results – if you are starching at home and find that stiffness is a problem, try using less in the future. A little bit goes quite a long way!

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