5 Reasons to Take Your Wedding Dress to a Dry Cleaners

Whether food, dirt, grass, or any other material has sullied your wedding dress, never fear – your local professional dry cleaners have the tools and skillsets to help. Take a look at our top reasons to pick dry cleaning over attempted home remedies or any other option:

1) They’re very rarely machine-safe

Most wedding dresses include satin, silk, rayon, velvet, or any other number of incredibly fragile materials, as well as various loose adornments. Unless your gown is 100% polyester and free of beads, lace, and other delicate components, it’s going to need the attention of a professional cleaner – and even then, why risk it?

2) Dirt and damages cannot wait

Stains from food, beverages, and even body oil can become permanent fixtures in your gown – unless they’re taken care of quickly. Likewise, a minor tear can quickly increase if caught on a snag. Don’t set that dress aside in hopes of figuring it out later – take it in to your local dry cleaner.

3) You’ll get more than just a clean

Dry cleaners are garment-care professionals, and skilled in tailoring as well as general- and spot-cleaning techniques. They can assist in mending holes and rips, reattaching beads, and various other tasks.

4) Dry cleaning can reinvigorate fabrics

Dry cleaning solvents are much more gentle on gowns than a regular washing machine, and simply dissolve dirt and stains without the aggression of tumbling and agitating. The oil content of some solvents can even nourish delicate fabrics and imbue them with a refreshed sheen.

5) Dry cleaners are people too!

We understand that your wedding dress is an invaluable garment, and will work with you to address any concerns you might have about the safety of dry cleaning it – and suggest options you may not even have considered. You can also point out any blemishes or areas of worry directly to us.

For more information and tips about preserving your most valuable garments, contact Classic Touch Cleaners today.