How Same-Day Dry Cleaning Works

At Classic Touch Cleaners, we’re proud to offer same-day personal dry cleaning services, six days each week. Busy professionals like yourself can drop off items in the morning, and pick them up after work. But what is the process like behind the scenes? And how can we ensure a quick turnaround?

Here are a few of the most important things to understand about same-day dry cleaning:

Get in Early

It’s generally not a problem to expect same-day pickup serviceLarge clock – so long as clothing is dropped off before the cutoff time. The cleaning process will take some time, and no guarantees can be made for items brought in towards closing. Earlier is better, in any event – getting in before the bulk of the day’s intake arrives ensures that your items will make it into subsequent loads promptly.

Organization is Key

When clothing is dropped off at the dry cleaners, the first step is rapidly tagging each item for easy identification. It’s not usually feasible (or environmentally sound) to clean each customer’s belongings in separate batches – especially when time is a factor – so mixed loads are the norm. These tags are hardy enough to survive the dry cleaning process without impairing the ability for cleaners to sort them afterwards.

Some Items Need Special Treatment

It’s not always possible to turn around garments on the same day if they feature intricate lace, beadwork, or other delicate accessories. This is because the standard dry cleaning process isn’t necessarily safe for these fine details – they could be melted or disfigured by steam and other forces. Instead, they’ll require more manual attention, and often a treatment free of presses and ironing.

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