Altering Your Dress Shirt

Dress ShirtIf you’ve changed shirt sizes recently, you might want to consider altering that dress shirt as opposed to buying a new custom dress shirt. Many people assume when they either grow out of clothes or (hopefully) lose weight, they need to run out and purchase a new wardrobe. Not only can most people not afford this, but in many cases it’s also unnecessary. Many of your existing clothes, especially your dress shirts, can be altered affordably to look like they were designed just for you!

Of course, if you need a new shirt today and can’t wait for alterations, you might need to splurge and buy a new dress shirt. But otherwise, here are a few reasons why altering your dress shirt might be a great alternative to buying new.


Let’s face it—it costs much less to have a reliable dry cleaner or tailor make alterations to your dress shirt than to buy one new off the rack—let alone have that new shirt altered. Alterations, in fact, will usually cost you about a fourth or less of what it would cost to purchase the same shirt new. If you need several shirts at once, you can see how the savings can add up.


When it comes to clothes, particularly dress clothes, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Even when two people wear the same size, differences in body type can cause one article of clothing to fit better on one person than the other (for example, if one person’s arms are longer than the other, the sleeves won’t fit the same). When you have a dress shirt altered, the tailor can make those adjustments at the neck, sleeves and torso to make the shirt fit your form perfectly.


Simply put, altering a dress shirt you already know you like will save you the trouble of having to shop several stores to find another one you like!

In short, altering your dress shirt will not only cost you less money than buying a new custom dress shirt, but it will also save you the trouble of shopping for a new one, and the fit will likely be even better! To find out more about how alterations of dress shirts and other clothing can enhance your wardrobe, visit Classic Touch Cleaners today.