How Wash and Fold Saves You Time and Money

Wash and Fold dry cleaners

Wash, dry, fold, every week we go through this same process and each week this task becomes more bothersome. Why? It is because washing clothes is the most tedious task of all chores. How can you save yourself from spending countless hours a week with this mundane task? Simple, take your dirty laundry to Classic Touch Cleaners. We are dedicated to providing you with a quality wash and fold service allowing you to save time and money.

Save Money

The idea of a wash and fold services is normally associated with wealth and fame. Brush that thought away because this is not the case at all! If you accept the idea of a wash and fold service, you will quickly see that you are able to save money. Imagine the money you will save on detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, stain resistant’s, and over time even your utility bill will decrease.

Save Time

Take a moment to think about how many countless hours you spend doing laundry for yourself or your family. By bringing your clothing to Dry cleaners Atlanta you are not just getting your clothes washed, you are getting hours of your life back. Your time with your family and friends will prove to be more valuable after you begin to invest in wash and dry services.

Clothing Care

How many times has your favorite top been ruined because your roommate threw it in the dryer? How often do you find yourself doing the “pants dance” because your husband put your jeans in the dryer? Imagine the idea of your clothes coming out of the washer and dryer the same way they went in. At Dry Cleaners Atlanta you are provided with quality service from professionals who understand how valuable your time and clothing are to you.

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