Five Spring Fashion Tips

Colorful flowers

It’s time to put those winter clothes back into storage and pull out your warm weather styles. Spring means sunlight, warmth and gentle breezes, so your clothing should match these characteristics.

Here’s 5 Spring fashion tips that will help you look your best.

Stylish floral prints

Blooming buds on your shirts, frocks, and other garments will make you appear youthful, happy and fresh. But don’t pick out clothing with an overabundance of flowers. And don’t add a floral accessory to any floral print dress. Go with one or the other and never both.

Lace pieces are hot

Lace is typically thought of as very womanly and even seductive. Cropped skirts and tops are fun to wear and will garner lots of attention.

Accessorize your outfit

Nail art allows each woman to express herself in a very individualistic manner. It adds that extra little something that can put a Springtime ensemble over the top. Some sparkly glitter works for this season as do multiple colors that create a rainbow effect.

Spring means warmer weather but not constant sunshine

Learn how to layer your clothing. If done properly, layering will bring your style to the next level. Layering should bring all of your garments together into a whole that is greater than its individual parts. Layer in areas that you don’t mind having a bulky look. Don’t layer around your legs and waist. Layer around your neck, chest and shoulders for extra comfort and warmth.

Pick out some colorful gems

Opt for mother of pearl, coral and turquoise gems. Add them by way of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Gems are the perfect way to display your colorful fashion sense while appearing sophisticated and gorgeous.

Make sure that your appearance matches the season’s blooming flowers, warm air and sunny days. Whatever you choose to wear this Spring, make sure that it makes you feel confident and most importantly, comfortable.

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