Five Tips to Care for Leather and Suede

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Leather and suede are versatile fabrics used to create various products, including shoes, jackets and furniture. Suede and leather gives an item an elegant and rustic look that never goes out of style. Leather and suede, however, require special care to ensure it looks its best to stand the test of time.

Below are five tips to properly care for your leather and suede items.

Regular Care

Regular care of your leather and suede is essential to ensuring your items look for their best. For example, when you remove your leather jacket don’t just toss it on the chair. Instead, place it on a well-shaped hanger and hang in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.


Water and mud are a common problem on leather and suede items such as jackets. If not removed, the grime can stain and damage the fabric. Gently brushing with a suede brush will remove solid soil while cornstarch sprinkled over wetness will remove moisture. You can also use a soft, absorbent cloth to blot wetness from the fabric. If these methods do not work, a trip to your local dry cleaner is most likely in order.


Leather and suede should be stored properly when not in use to prevent mildew from developing. Ensuring the item is dry and placed in a breathable garment bag helps protect the fabric from dust, dirt, grime and other debris that can negatively affect the leather and suede.


When your leather and suede becomes damaged or stained, it is best to repair it as soon as possible. Small superficial scratches can sometimes be removed by rubbing the area with a pencil eraser. Keep in mind, however, that rubbing too hard could make things worse. Trying to repair major damage — such as large scratches or tears — can sometimes do more harm than good. Instead, take the item to a professional leather and suede cleaner and repair company.


The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true even for leather and suede. Protecting the fabric with the appropriate sealant can help prevent damage that can ruin the item and reduce the chance of expensive repairs. These protective sprays help prevent damaging oil — such as from skin — and water from penetrating the fabric.

Every type of leather and suede has care instructions designed specifically for that fabric. You should always follow these instructions to help prolong the life of the fabric.

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