5 Questions to Ask Your Dry Cleaner

As you would before choosing an accountant, dentist or barber, you should look around before selecting a dry cleaner. There are so many Atlanta dry cleaners to choose from, making it likely you’ll find one who can meet your exact needs.

If you’re looking for a new dry cleaner, here are five basic questions you should ask:

  1. What are your hours of operation? First, determine whether or not the hours of operation will fit your schedule. Are delivery services or special pickup times available? If you work odd hours, for example, you may run into scheduling conflicts.
  2. Where are my items laundered? Some larger dry cleaners and chains will take your clothes to another location for cleaning. Are you comfortable with a third party laundering your clothes, or are you someone who prefers to speak directly to the individual processing your order?
  3. What is your policy for lost or damaged items? Precautions are taken, tickets assigned, instructions logged. But with the sheer volume of dry cleaning one business handles, it is understandable that accidents happen. Most Atlanta dry cleaners will have a policy in place to compensate clients.
  4. What additional services do you offer? Can you get alterations, or do they offer free button replacement? What about large items, like rugs and comforters? Is same day service available? There are tons of add-ons at the dry cleaner, and knowing what they are will help you customize your service.
  5. Do you offer organic dry cleaning services? Many people have skin sensitivities or prefer to use a more eco-friendly dry cleaner. Be sure ask about their cleaning agents, as well as their process and how it works.

While some people rarely need to visit a dry cleaner, others require weekly trips. For both, it’s important to have a dry cleaner who knows you, your preferences and offers the hours and services to meet your needs.

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