Coffee Stain Removal Tips

As with almost any stain, your best chances for removal exist immediately after the accident occurs, especially with dark stains, such as coffee or red wine. While there are several steps you can take to remove coffee stains, your best option for complete eradication is to take your garment to a professional dry cleaner with expert spotting (or spot treatment) services.

Before you do, however, try a few of these at-home remedies. If nothing else, they will help lessen the stain and make it easier for your dry cleaner to completely remove what remains.

  • Blot as soon as possible. Take two towels. Press against the front and back of the stain from the interior and exterior of the garment to remove excess liquid.
  • Use a small amount of dish detergent (some people dilute it slightly with water) and work it gently into the coffee stain from the center outward in small circular motions.
  • Under cold water, rinse the stain, blot and repeat.
  • An older coffee stain removal tip includes a small amount of white vinegar diluted in approximately a quart of water. Dip the soiled area into the solution and gently scrub the stained area against itself. Rinse and repeat.
  • If you keep a commercial spot treatment solution on hand, read the instructions carefully. Many of these contain abrasive chemicals that can damage your garment.

Some people are confident tackling stains at home, but others enjoy the comfort of knowing that stain removal – even coffee stain removal – is done professionally at their local dry cleaner.

If you do take your garment in to be laundered, be sure to inquire about the potential for damage and ask about their spot treatment process. It’s best to understand your dry cleaner’s claims process should your item get damaged during stain removal.

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