5 Tips For Choosing The Right Dry Cleaning Company

Shopping around for a new dry cleaning company? When it comes to your valuable garments and delicate home furnishings, you don’t want to make the choice blindly. Here are 5 great tips to make your search easier and more productive:

1) Look for Someone Local

Just like in the restaurant world, there are chain dry cleaning operations. These are good for brand recognition, but oftentimes not for much else. Chain cleaners are operated by executives who are more interested in profit margins than in your community, and they can rarely deliver the same quality of service as a local business.

Look for a dry cleaner with years of experience in catering to your community, and one who has established a reputation for quality and a passion for their work.

Better Business Bureau 2) Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

On the official website of the BBB, you can look up info on any cleaner that you may be considering, or just browse by region. Each business here receives an overall grade (A+ through F), based on things like quality of service and fairness of advertising practices. You can also see what, if anything, customers have been complaining about.

3) Seek Out Reviews

When a dry cleaner provides great customer service time and time again, word about it tends to get out. Online review sites certainly aren’t perfect, but more often than not they are a great place to start finding some feedback from previous customers. Personal recommendations are great as well – ask your friends and family who they have had a great experience with in the past!

4) Consider Their Specializations

There are a lot of dry cleaners out there, but not all have the same background experience and knowledge. Many will advertise that they specialize in one or more services, like wedding dress restoration or leather care, and that’s usually a good sign that they can handle any special requirements you may have. The last thing you want is to have your favorite gown “cleaned” by someone who doesn’t know the difference between taffeta and satin!

If you’re considering a cleaner that doesn’t explicitly specialize in what you need, that’s not necessarily a problem, but do ask about their relevant experience before handing over your garment.

5) Get a Test-Cleaning

Once you’ve found a convenient place that seems to fit your standards for quality, we usually recommend a trial run of sorts. Before handing over your pricier suits or gowns, you can see how the cleaner performs on something a little less valuable (or sentimental). Tablecloths, winter coats, and the like are often great candidates. After all, there is room for error in dry cleaning, and there are some garments that you just can’t risk.


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