Can Dry Cleaning Remove Deep Sweat Stains?

Our sweat contains a compound called urea, which causes yellow stains when it sets in clothing. A thorough washing is sometimes enough to remove these, especially when tended to quickly, but unfortunately sweat is not selective about what material it sinks into. If your garment is dry-clean only, hope is not lost – a professional dry cleaner can work wonders to save your important (and expensive) garments.

First Defense – Take Preventative Measures

The best and cheapest way to combat sweat stains, of course, is to stop them from occurring in the first place. Antiperspirant deodorants are recommended to inhibit dampness. If that’s not enough, sweat guard pads are available cheaply from numerous storefront and online retailers. These typically adhere to the interior of your clothing, absorbing extra moisture and preserving your work shirts, jackets, and more. Sweat-proof undershirts are another great option, especially if the extra warmth isn’t going to make you uncomfortable.

Deep Sweat Stains

The Professional Treatment

An Internet search will reveal no shortage of home remedies to tackle the removal of sweat from suits, dress pants, and all sorts of other items. Be cautious and critical here, as it’s all too easy to damage apparel further. If your clothing is labeled “dry-clean only” – especially if made of delicate fabrics like silk or wool – we strongly recommend professional dry cleaning over any home remedies or attempts at machine washing. Be sure to point the stain out to the technician when dropping off your clothes, as successful treatment of perspiration stains requires special attention – it’s not likely to be removed by the normal cleaning process. Again, it’s best to limit the occurrence of sweat stains as much as possible, as frequent dry cleaning, while effective, can be expensive and taxing on the garment’s durability.

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