Getting Your Linens Dry Cleaned

Linen is a natural textile obtained from the stalk of the flax plant. The long fibers have been used for centuries to weave a breathable and highly absorbent cloth prized by athletes, home goods manufacturers, and more. Used to make clothing as well as furnishings, linen is a versatile fabric that does require some care to keep looking and feeling fresh. Dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the more delicate dyes, finishes, and other aspects of your linen.

The Cleaning Process

Used for thousands of years, linen has traditionally been cleaned by washing it in streams or other water sources, and drying it in the sun. However, in modern times, it’s often recommended to dry clean your linens if possible. Though linen fabric itself is somewhat resilient, machine washings will cause it to noticeably soften over time. Dry cleaning is more likely to prevent bleeding of dyes, and damage to trims, buttons, and other finishings. Professionally dry cleaned linen will also stay crisp and bright for longer, keeping that sharp and vibrant look.

LinensWhy Hire a Professional?

Linen has been valued since ancient times for its comfortability, flexibility, and clean, cool feel, and is a popular material for shirts, trousers, dresses, bed covers, and curtains. Its prized absorbent properties simply mean that a bit of extra care is required to keep the cloth in top shape.
A skilled cleaner will save you the time and effort of attempting to determine how best to maintain your linens. With expert knowledge of textiles, and commercial-grade equipment, dry cleaning specialists can eliminate the risk of color bleeding, damage, and other potential issues.

Avoiding Dust and Mites

Linen bedspreads and curtains, in particular, will benefit from regular dry cleaning to keep potential allergens at bay. Linen absorbs moisture very effectively, making it excellent at collecting dust, and an attractive home for dust mites. Professional dry cleaning ensures that your linens remain clean and undamaged, and a joy to use for years to come.

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