Why You Should Not Treat a Stain Before Taking a Garment to the Dry Cleaner

Taking your clothing to the dry cleaner is an excellent option for those clothing items that shouldn’t be washed in a regular washing machine cycle. To determine whether or not you should bring a specific piece of clothing to the dry cleaner, simply look on the tag to see if it requires hand washing or dry cleaning. You may also opt to bring your clothes here if you simply do not have the ability to do your own laundry and prefer the overall look and feel that dry cleaning provides. If you have a stain on your garment, do not treat it before bringing it to the dry cleaner, however, this is not necessary.

Noting Stains

Before bringing your garments to the local dry cleaner, it is important to note any stains and spills that have been made on the clothing. Before being professionally cleaned, cleaners must be aware of any and all stains as this can cause additional problems during the cleaning process. For example, if sugar residue was spilled on the clothes, the residue may darken as heat is applied, leaving you with a larger and more noticeable stain.

Stains Removed at the Dry Cleaner

In most cases, it is not necessary to treat your stains prior to bringing your garments to the dry cleaner and, in fact, we recommend that you avoid pre-treating altogether. Dry cleaning uses various types of fluids to remove soils and stains from all different types of fabric. Dry cleaning can even dissolve grease and oil stains in a different way than water is able to do. By treating your stains before coming to the dry cleaner, you may actually be making the cleaning process harder to complete and can cause shrinkage and color loss. If your apparel has stains on it, but can not be washed in water, a great alternative is to bring your wool and silk clothing to the cleaners for assistance.

Spot Treatments

If you have recently noticed a stain on your favorite piece of clothing, but are unsure of how to effectively remove it without harming your garment, bringing it to the dry cleaner is the best option. Dry cleaners are able to perform special spot treatments that target your individual stains. Whether you’re dealing with an oil spot, grease stain, wine stain or food stain, dry cleaning can remove it without causing any damage to the clothing.

Because it is typically much easier to deal with a fresh stain rather than one that has been treated already, you may opt to bring your garment immediately to the dry cleaner. Dry cleaning is the ideal solution for safe and effective stain removal.