Are Wire Hangers Recyclable?

A large majority of us have more hangers in our closets than actual clothes. It is no surprise that these items tend to pile up when one considers the fact that dry cleaners hand out over 3.6 billion hangers to their customers every year. In terms of the steel going into this massive effort, that is the equivalent of 60,000 cars. You can easily free up some space and help curb this massive consumption of metal by considering the many ways in which those old rusty hangers can find new life.

A Hang Up in the System

Coat hangers are in fact recyclable. The problem is that the curved hooks often damage automated recycling equipment, causing a large majority of curbside recycling services not to accept them. Other hangers in the market have petroleum coating that present another obstacle when it comes to recycling efforts. If this is the case in your area, then the first thing you can look into is returning the hangers to your dry cleaner. Most locations will gladly accept the used hangers because it saves them time and money in the long run. hangers that are made from wood and plastic are common as well. While these types of hangers generally cannot be turned into your local dry cleaner, second-hand clothing stores often accept them as donations.

From Casual Convenience to Craft

The creative person in each of us also has a chance to reveal themselves when it is time to clear the closet of those unused hangers. There are hundreds of arts and crafts projects that call for hangers as a main component. Some of these projects include creating bird feeders, constructing the skeleton for a seasonal wreath, or building a model of the solar system. People who are particularly adept in working with wood will find that hangers can be converted into everything from dish-drying racks to lamp shades. Metal hangers that can be easily bent and manipulated are ideal, free raw materials for any number of projects. These items are typically used as support for large table settings that incorporate multiple floral elements and fruits or vegetables. The limits of your recycling efforts are only determined by your own creativity. hangers can find other more practical uses outside of the home as well. They can be doubled up and altered so that they support hanging plants or buried in the ground in order to create barriers between walkways and garden beds.

Welcome Hangers Home

Coat hangers can be Up-cycled for use in every room of the house. Newspapers and magazines that begin to pile up on the floor can be hung over coat hangers, preserving their edges and giving anyone easy access to their pages. Coat hangers are also not limited to hanging coats and shirts. They are ideal tools for hanging eyeglasses, scarves, and other hard to place accessories. With the addition of some well-placed eye hooks, a wooden hanger can quickly provide you with visual access to all of your hanging jewelry. People with small children in the home can some save a little extra money by using their old hangers to create a custom mobile. Once you have gloves and wire cutters in hand, the sky is the limit. There is no excuse for allowing coat hangers to pile up in your closet any longer.

Classic Touch Cleaners will recycle your wire hangers for you – so bring your clothes and and drop off your extra hangers!