How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Suit?

While some businesses have adopted a more casual approach to attire, many still require their employees to wear a suit each day. If you need to wear a suit on a regular basis, you are probably aware that it takes significant effort to keep it looking clean and presentable at all times. Suits are expensive, so you undoubtedly want to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Dry cleaning your suit will keep you looking sharp and professional while at the office. It will ensure that your suit is free from wrinkles, dirt, and stains.

In general, a suit should be dry cleaned at least once per season. However, the rate in which you should dry clean your suit varies depending on how often the suit is used. Some people need to dry clean their suit once a month, while those who rarely wear a suit may have it dry cleaned only once per year. Examine your suit carefully to determine your own personal rate. See if you can find signs of wear and tear or pervasive stains that need to be removed.

It is very important to find a high quality dry cleaner company. A proper dry cleaning will thoroughly remove stains that have accumulated over time, even ones that occurred long ago. Your suit should fit the same way that it did before it was cleaned. It should not appear to be overly shiny or glossy. The suit also should not have indents. If you see any of these signs, it is time to find a different dry cleaner.

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