Five Ways to Get Rid of Old Clothes in Your Closet

The time has come. It’s a lazy Saturday and you know you have to do the inevitable: weed your outdated and ill-fitting clothes out of your closet. Turning a tedious chore into a creative endeavor is daunting, but deciding on specific uses for your old clothes before you start throwing them in a pile gets your imagination going. There is no reason to throw out any article of clothing with these five different ways to get rid of your old clothes.

Give to Friends

Now that your clothes are no longer in your repertoire of favorites, ask your friends and family if they want to choose items they fancy and want to enjoy. This saves extra work on your part when trying to get rid of your clothes and any potential resentment if there’s an article of clothing that your friends liked and wanted for their own.


It is increasingly easier to make a profit off of your old clothes that are still in good condition. Yard sales and used clothing stores are an easy way to get rid of old stuff and make a small profit. A more organized approach is selling through online classifieds and auctions. Pay attention to listing fees and your descriptive copy when pursuing these options to ensure your like-new clothes sell fast.

Get Crafty

Your old clothing has a wonderful capability of becoming something else. Make unique quilts or pillowcases out of old t-shirts, jeans and dresses. If you have a crafty gene, search the internet for ideas on how to add personality to your decor while clearing your closet of unwanted items.


Making a pile of your old, stained and cotton-based clothing items to reuse for cleaning rags is a way to get rid of your clothes and gives you an environmentally-friendly method to clean your house or car.


In the end, all of your old clothes can be new to someone in need. Find your nearest donation box and give your items to an organization you trust. If you have enough items, deliver your clothes in person and get a receipt. Once tax time rolls around, you can potentially get a tax break for cleaning out your closet.

Getting rid of your old clothes in creative ways can become less of a chore and more fun for the entire family. Involve your friends and organize a clothing exchange or community yard sale that inspires more creative ways to reuse your old items. The best part about enacting these five ways to get rid of your old clothes is looking at all of the space you save in your closet while never throwing anything away.