Are Wire Hangers Bad for Your Clothes?

A stylish wardrobe is a must for a polished appearance. Clothes that are properly cared for will help wardrobe staples maintain their like-new condition for years to come. In addition to following the proper care instructions for each article of clothing, it is important to consider proper clothing storage. The marketplace is flooded with hangers in a variety of choices such as wood, plastic and wire. When selecting hangers for clothing storage, shoppers may wonder if wire hangers will damage their garments. Consider the following positive and negative factors when deciding whether wire hangers will best meet your needs.

Wire hangers are inexpensive and easily accessible

As the go-to choice for dry cleaners, it is possible to simply use and reuse the hangers your dry cleaning is returned on. This saves money and a trip to the store.

Wire hangers are space-saving

The very thin gauge wire used in most wire clothes hangers makes it possible to fit many of them into a small space.

Wire hangers tend to be flimsy

The space-saving, slender design of wire hangers often results in a hanger that can’t hold much weight. This flimsy flaw means these hangers will buckle under the weight of any heavier garments.

Wire hangers have the potential to rust

Depending on the material the hanger is composed of, there is always the potential for rust. Rust stains are virtually impossible to remove from clothes.

Clothes tend to slip from wire hangers

Dry cleaners often cover the hanger itself with a paper cone to increase friction between the garment and the wire. Wire hangers can result in garments falling to the closet floor.

Wire hangers can snag garments

Most wire hangers are composed of a single gauge of wire twisted into shape. The end of the wire is twisted around the hanger hook to secure the form. This twisted wire can easily catch and snag delicate garments. Exercise caution when using wire hangers with gentle materials.

Wire hangers tend to tangle

A closet full of wire hangers can result in a jumbled mess if time isn’t taken to stay organized. The wire hooks easily cross over one another on the rod.

Wire hangers don’t work well with pants

Pants hung over a wire hanger tend to bend the hanger with their weight. This often results in the pants bunching up and wrinkling in the area where they are hung. When the pants are worn, the result is an unsightly line of wrinkles mid-leg.

Wire hangers may distort certain fabrics

The thin edge of wire may leave dents or impressions in the shoulders of delicate fabrics.

With so many options available today, wire hangers are a less-desirable choice for clothing storage. Thicker, sturdier materials such as wood and plastic are better selections for durability. The thicker design keeps clothes smoother and is less likely to distort a garment’s shape. Other modern options include sturdy but thin flocked hangers which save closet space without the detrimental effects of wire. Wire hangers offer the benefits of slim design, affordability and accessibility. However, they have many downsides which can potentially damage a wardrobe collection, eliminating any initial cost savings. With so many choices on the market today, it is easy to find a superior product.