How Much Should You Pay For Dry Cleaning?

How much should you pay for dry cleaning?Dry cleaning costs can vary from one location to the next and may also depend on exactly what you’re having cleaned that day. Recently, you may even see dry cleaners offering outstanding deals due to drastic decreases in the number of people who opt to have their clothes dry cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you have apparel that is in dire need of cleaning without the use of water, dry cleaning could be the best option for you. Men’s suit shirts, tuxedos, dresses and blouses are just a few types of apparel that you may opt to bring to your local dry cleaners.

Average Dry Cleaning Prices

On average, dry cleaning can cost anywhere from $1 to $5 per shirt and up. In most cases, this will depend on where the dry cleaners is located, if they are busy with other orders to fulfill and if they iron your apparel in addition to cleaning them. Some may also charge less depending on the number of items that you are having cleaned.

Most feel that if you are paying more than $4 per shirt for dry cleaning services, that is simply just too high. Look for specials around your town to see if any cleaners are currently offering deals just as .99 cent specials that are aimed to bring in more business.

Dry Cleaning Statistics

With the latest inventions available on the market, many dry cleaners have seen a recent decrease in their businesses and overall profit. When drastic times call for drastic measures, you will find dry cleaners offering amazing deals on their services that draw in business to stay afloat. For example, the product known as Dryel can be used at home in your dryer to dry clean your own clothes for a fraction of the cost of taking them to the dry cleaner.

By placing garments in a tightly closed bag for a cycle in the dryer, they will steam and come out looking and smelling great. Because this do it yourself option is so easy, it puts dry cleaner facilities out of some of their business. However, there are still individuals who feel that it is easier to take their clothes to the dry cleaner and pick them up when they’re ready, rather than doing the work themselves.

Overall, how much you pay for dry cleaning will depend on a number of different factors. Before opting to use a specific cleaner, speak with a few different locations to compare their current prices and offers. You may be able to get the same services at one location for just $1 per shirt while another location charges $3 per shirt.