Are New Clothes Really Clean?

When shopping retail, most consumers assume that clothing on the rack, tag still secure, is new, clean and ready to wear. But, have you stopped to think about the people who tried on that blouse or pair of pants before you? What about people who take those items home, try them on and return them after realizing they don’t fit properly? The truth is, many of us don’t think about the fact that new doesn’t always bean brand new … it also doesn’t mean completely clean.

When you put on an article of clothing, things like skin cells, perspiration, as well as more harmful bacteria – such as norovirus or staff bacteria – can be transferred. While this thought is unpleasant, at the very least, it is true. It was proven in a 2010 study conducted by New York University’s director of microbiology and immunology Dr. Philip Tierno, and it holds true today.

There is no way to guarantee the garments you buy off the racks in retail stores are truly sanitary. So what can you do?

Leave clothing on when try trying on new items, especially bathing suits and undergarments. Wash your hands after going shopping, and before putting on that new shirt or jacket for the first time, consider running it through a warm wash cycle. For those delicate garments, include them in your week’s dry cleaning and let you dry cleaner know you just purchased the piece and would like to ensure it’s clean before wearing.

Buying new clothing should be an enjoyable experience, and being an informed and cautious shopper will help you make wise decisions regarding the cleanliness and wearability of your new purchases.

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