Do Home Dry Cleaning Kits Work?

Do home dry cleaning kits work? The answer:  it depends. If you’re trying to get a ketchup stain out, then it’s likely you can do so with a home dry cleaning kit. Are you trying to clean a silk blouse? Properly launder dress clothing? Remove serious stains or soiling? If so, the answer is no – only a professional dry cleaner has the equipment and expertise to handle these cases.

It’s difficult to say exactly what home dry cleaning kits are best for, but there are a few pros people often cite:

  1. They’re less expensive than dry cleaning.
  2. Home dry cleaning kits don’t require a trip to the dry cleaners to drop off the garments and a return trip to retrieve them.
  3. Home dry cleaning kits give items a fresh, clean smell.
  4. They’re good at removing light stains and body odor from garments.
  5. They’re safe for most durable fabrics.

However, the cons of home dry cleaning kits outweigh the pros.

  1. If a home dry cleaning kit damages your garment, there is very little to no support or chance for replacement.
  2. If your garment is badly stained or grimy, the home dry cleaning kit will not get it 100% cleaned. It’s better as a freshener between wears.
  3. Some home dry cleaning kits use heavy scents to deodorize, and this can leave garments with an overpowering, perfumed smell.
  4. Home dry cleaning kits don’t work on certain materials, such as silk, suede and leather.
  5. Many of our dry clean only garments require additional services, such as starching and pressing, to achieve their ideal appearance – you don’t get that with a home dry cleaning kit.

Some believers in home dry cleaning kits tout their environmental benefits because they are reusable (you can get approximately 15 to 25 cleanings out of one kit and its contents), and it uses less abrasive, less toxic chemicals than traditional dry cleaners. However, the dry cleaning industry has been making great strides toward going green, and many now use less harsh and more eco-friendly cleaning agents.

If you’re considering using an at home dry cleaning kit, be sure to thoroughly read the directions, separate garment items – and ensure they are all soft-tailored or not at all – and set proper expectations for the end result. For more high-end garments, heavily soiled items and pieces of clothing you want to guarantee are cleaned properly, safely and thoroughly, rely on a professional dry cleaner.

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